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Our watch bands




Our priority has always been quality over quantity. We offer a selective range of French quality straps for your wristwatch. All our straps are designed and produced in France and shipped directly to you. We wish to provide you with an ideal product and have deployed all our savoir faire to do so.


Unique in its own right, a strap may subtly alter your watch and embellish it. Our selection of materials ranges from classic to vintage and exotic. The possibilities of combination are numerous, you may choose according to a particular fancy, mood, or dress requirement.

We guarantee the authenticity and uniqueness of all our straps. The French craftsmen who fashion the watch straps available on our site are all dedicated to sustainability and to creating products that stand the test of time.


Our clients’ satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We go the extra length to make the purchase of your watchstrap a timeless experience.


You never go anywhere without your Apple Watch? If you think about accessorising your multi-functional watch, our adaptors are exactly what you need. Available in various colours and 100% compatible with all our straps.


Find out more about Les Bracelets right now.

Cork band strap for Apple Watch
Cork watch band strap | Les Bracelets


Fashioned from natural cork by our French craftsmen. The material is 100% eco-friendly, plant based and sustainable. An excellent product that will set off your watch to advantage.



Originally crafted for the armed forces, the NATO strap was first made in 1973 on the urgent request of the British defence ministry. At the time watch straps were mostly made from genuine leather which quickly deteriorates and becomes less sturdy in unfavourable conditions such as humidity or heat. The design that was developed for military use quickly turned into a must have fashion accessory.


NATO straps are timeless and functional in all circumstancesAvailable in various colours.

NATO watch band strap | Les Bracelets
patent leather watch band strap | Les Bracelets


Perfect with a vintage time piece. Made from patent leather these straps are sure to underline the style and the elegance of your watch. All our craftsman use traditional production methods and pride themselves on the high level quality Made in France.


The patent leather strap is your perfect choice, timeless and easy to wear. 


If you collect time pieces you will find that these fine leather pouches are indispensable for travel. Sturdy, handmade from French leather these pouches have a nice smooth finishing.

A pouch will keep safe your watch wherever you go and preserve it from scratches as well as accidental knocks or shocks.


All our know-how was bent on providing you with a first rate protection for your watch.

Leather pouch for watch | Les Bracelets
Croc style leather watch band strap | Les Bracelets


Cultivating the eccentric and looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Our made in France croc leather straps are one of a kind. Leather is a raw material that offers a wide scope for creativity. Our craftsmen have come up with these eye-catching straps that are compatible with most brands. The straps enhance a classic look without altering the style of your timepiece


Fashioned with precision and savoir-faire, these finely made straps will make you stand out. Available in various colours.


Made from fine-grained leather, these straps are as simple as they are elegant. They can add a distinguished sober touch to your work style or bring an understated elegance to a leisure outfit.

Full grain leather watch band strap | Les Bracelets
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