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Originally crafted for the armed forces, the NATO strap was first made in 1973 on the urgent request of the British defence ministry. At the time watch straps were mostly made from genuine leather which quickly deteriorates and becomes less sturdy in unfavourable conditions such as humidity or heat. The design that was developed for military use quickly turned into a must have fashion accessory. The NATO strap is timeless and works well in any circumstance.

Nato james bond watch band strap | Les Bracelets

NATO strap James Bond

James Bond has largely contributed to the myth of the NATO bracelet. It will be ideal and comfortable with a spy watch on your wrist.


NATO strap France

This blue, white and red NATO bracelet pays tribute to the history of the city of Paris and the French flag. With the white monarch and the blue-red color symbolizing the city of Paris, the national emblem of the Fifth Republic will shine on your wrist during all your celebrations. 

Nato Blue White Red watch band strap | Les Bracelets
Nato Blue and White watch band strap | Les Bracelets

NATO strap Azure

The blue and white NATO bracelet has a sleek and chic style. Its reputation for being hard-wearing and easy to swap is more than justified. Over time it has evolved into a trendy menswear staple. 


When looking at the watch market’s sales volumes, the NATO strap undoubtedly bears off the palm. A highly popular fashion accessory it is worn by men, women, teens and children.


NATO strap Military

Once the first world war is over, the different armies start to understand the importance of providing their soldiers with watches equipped with a military NATO bracelet. Taking advantage of an excellent resistance, a robustness and an unequalled comfort, the NATO bracelet in military color is then created to fill any hostile environment and all the most unexpected situations. 

Nato khaki watch band strap | Les Bracelets
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