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Leather watch | Les Bracelets


Our interest in watches and watch accessories was sparked by the appearance of the first Apple watch some years back. Seduced by the novelty of these smart gadgets, we quickly developed an interest in and a pronounced taste for fine watch making and the industry’s luxury brands. We felt immediately inspired by Rolex and picked up considerable knowledge such as the brand’s calibres which remain unequalled in precision and reliability. We were as much impressed by the everyday functionality as by the quality of the brand’s luxury timepieces. It is undeniable that all Rolex watches have a soul of their own…


We wanted to offer you a choice selection of straps suitable for your timepiece.

All straps are elegant and stylish with an original touch, and made in France.


We want our bracelets to be unique. We manufacture in small quantities in order to focus on the quality and not the quantity of our bracelets. Each of our watch straps is meticulously crafted by hand.

Leather watch | Les Bracelets
Cuir utilisé pour bracelet


Our principal goal is customer satisfaction. The materials we use have been selected specifically and much thought has gone into the finishings of our products. All straps are shipped with a protective pouch.


We are committed to sourcing high quality leathers that come from a fabulous network of craftsmen. The hides come from adult animals that have grazed on French pastures and have been slaughtered according to animal welfare regulations.

Leather watch | Les Bracelets
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